ideas of FREEDOM

Duro Olowu on a dream to achieve >>> "Yes, to take around the world, thanks to fashion, my own idea of freedom. People should be themselves, without compromises, we have to create, experiment and make mistakes. Women are amazing in the strength they have, but also in their mistakes. As my mother always said, “even queens go to the bathroom”". Vougue

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He is one of Africa's rising Male Models, a star in his own right. Zimbabwean born & living in South Africa. Meet Victor Mathe signed with Pure Management SA. We had to grill him to hear it all! Read more...

8th&F. On his music taste. 
VM. 'I'm currently obsessed with Avicci, I love Robyn and Offer Nissim'.
8th&F. On his food.
VM. 'I'm a food person and I make my own humus almost every day as I'm a vegetarian...' 
8th&F. On keeping fit.
VM. 'I've never been a sporty person even though my career demands that I look my best , so I run 6 days a week and I do Pilates every day.'
8th&F. On designers.
VM. 'I've worked with many designers. In S.A I love Carducci & Craig port... internationally - Calvin Klein, Ozwald Boateng, Vivienne Westwood and who ever designs for ZARA as it is my all time favourite shop. When I’m in S.A I shop only at WOOLWORTHS mostly'.
8th&F. On his work.
VM. 'I've been featured in Menshealth , GQ , Equinox , Wanted , ID Italia... and I recently appeared on the cover of Bolero Men Switzerland + Germany's male fashion magazine'. 
8th&F. On inspiration.
VM. 'My inspiration comes from Jonathan Denga a fellow Zimbabwean born former top model who has worked with brands like Gillette, Coca-Cola & international designers like Vivienne Westwood'
8th&F.On a dream gig.
VM. 'I would love to work with Calvin Klein or Ozwald Boateng someday soon.'
8th&F.On favourite Photographers.
VM. 'I've worked with some of the greatest photographers and I think SA has a lot of photography talent. I LOVE Jesse Leigh Elsford , Gerda Genis, Jacques Weyers, Anthony Friend to name a few...'
8th&F.On the key to success.

VM. 'FOCUS, it's not all about parties but a job as well... in 5 years time I would like to be settled somewhere in Europe, in Israel perhaps. Married. [ha ha] I'm sure my better half would love to hear this...'

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'A Man's Story' - Ozwald Boateng Documentary Film

'Mr Armani would like to complement you on your elegance...[è l'eleganza di che viene dall'interno]...'  This is the story of a British born African designer. The documentary covers the last 12 years of Ozwald's life, showing the ups and downs of the man and the designer. A must see!  

Video - YouTube
Image - Ozwald Boateng Facebook Page


Maki OH S/S 2012

Really hard to top 'Love is a mystery' AW 2011/2012 collection. That was something really special but none the less this collection is a 'sensual one' by Maki OH.

Image - Maki OH