good tidings from DAFW 2010

Good tidings from the DAFW team!

It's Christmas and we would like to share our good news with you! * We are excited about the launch of our new website - NOW LIVE - www.dublinafricafashionweek.com. Visit it and sign up for the latest updates regarding the event and our fabulous Designers! * Our Facebook Community is growing fast with lots of enquries and exciting requests! DAFW promises to be the best Fashion event of 2010 in Dublin so be sure to be a part of it! * We are also delighted to announce that Madagascar born Fashion Designer -Eric Raisina - will be showcasing an exclusive collection at the DAFW 2010 show! Eric is an amazing textile designer who has designed textiles for Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gautier and Christian Lacroix! His work seamlessly blends three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe! It has been featured in Elle Magazine, Harpar’s Bazaar, and Arise Magazines, to name but a few!

Register and stay tuned for more updates! Wishing you all a sparkly Christmas & look forward to catching up in 2010.

Dublin Africa Fashion Week 2010 Team www.dublinafricafashionweek.com 


every other girl's 'must haves'...

We all have a friend or few who always oooze that wow factor! They dress well, smell nice, have an amazing skin & eat healthy (all the time)! If you don't I actually happen to have 3 of them .. including my own sister! So in my quest to smell nice, have good skin and all that, I had to ask my good friend *Bells for the secret behind all of that and the answer is 'every other girl's must haves!' So check out the things that should be found in your hand bag and or your dressing table!

1. MICHEAL KORS LEG SHINE COLLECTION - this product is great when you are wearing a skirt and do not want the bare look, its lightly scented and gives your legs a shimmery look.

2.TWEEZERMANS TWEEZER - this is a tool A-listers can't live without, so pick up one or your own favourite tweezer.

3.HIDDEN BEAUTY - FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER (FASHION FAIR) - this is unique liquid formula that transforms into a luxurious cleansing foam, gently removes makeup and surface impurities. It for all skin types.

4.JOHN FRIEDA FRIZZ EASE & SERUM FINISHNG SPRAY - this is a glossing mist, that gives hair that wet look and a high gloss shine (even for your lovely funky afro!).

5.FEMFRESH INTIMATE HYGIENE -this is a naturally balanced soap free gel for female intimate wash. It gives a long lasting freshness and protects against irritation that can be found by using soap.

 6.ELIZABETH ARDEN EIGHT HOUR CREAM - this product is an all favourite as it can be used for lips, hands, feet, all over the body! Also for symptoms of chapping, peeling, sunburn, etc.

7.BOBBI BROWN LONG WEAR GEL EYELINER - this award winnig eyeliner is a must have! Its available in various colous to suit every personality and it give long lasting eye shimmer!

8.MAC BLUSH - Absolutely love blush my favouite makeup item! I can do with mascara and blush alone. RAIZIN and PINK being my favourite colurs, so get your hands on one of your own favoutie MAC blush colour.

9.NAIL CARE- RIMMEL STRONGER -this nail care base coat is a natural colour and gives you the benefits of both strong nails and the glossy just done nail look!

10.MITCHUM ROLL ON - this is a powerful 48 hour protection. Its very gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation associated with other rollons!
 Last but not least always bag a MASCARA! Of your choice but *Bells swears by Bobbi Brown's long mascara wear

So revamp yourself & enjoy!


walking the Wedge or Xtreme Heel!

Ok, how many of us have seen the perfect Shoe at the window, tried it in the store but failed to walk in it in the real world? I am guilty but I haven't given up. So I came across a fantastic video which shows you how to do the walk! You don't have to be a Supermodel to be able to walk in high Wedges shoes or the extremely High shoes. I am still practicing!

The Catwalk is of course different from some of the cobblestoned Dublin Streets but practice makes perfect! Watch Anastassia Khozissova demonstrate!

8th & Fort 


social media & fashion

If you haven't got the hang of it, get it now! Social Media and Fashion make a very interesting couple! Both are highly innovative, ever changing, and have a bright future! So we are keeping you connected..we'll reach you wherever you are!

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i promise you!

Now, once again Africa inspires! Dublin Africa Fashion Weekend 2010 is set to rock the island of Ireland, bringing top African Designers to showcase at this premier event! The designers have long been gracing the African runways, but this event promises to join global forces in celebrating change in Africa!

Africa is rising, much like a young girl who has entered puberty, discovering & becoming aware of the power she has over the boys! More exciting, bold, fresh, difinitive things are yet to come! Watch this space Twitter , Facebook & Website for more developments on this event!

8th & Fort!


ethical fashion!

Ever heard of Ethical Fashion? This is fashion with a conscious, fashion that gives back! It’s fair trade and organic practices like these that benefit millions of people in the fashion supply chains. So among many ethical brands, here are a few favourates LaLesso, Dandi Maestre & Hetty Rose Ltd!
LaLesso – launched in Cape Town 2005. It’s centred on combining East African heritage with current seasonal trends and involving the community as much as possible.
Dandi Maestre - All designs are one of a kind pieces made from natural or recycled materials.
Hetty Rose Ltd - collection of shoes and accessories are completely hand made using mainly reclaimed, recycled and vintage materials with very little waste.
Man in the mirror!

8th & Fort

arise africa inspiration!

So who hasn’t been inspired by Africa’s rise to Fashiondom? Well, we were! Arise Africa Fashion Week is what most of us have long envisioned, but never had quite the courage to deliver!
Watch this space for all the African Inspired Fashion designs that we love. We will also give you a flavour of our own creations. Join us on this African Fashion Revolution!

8th & Fort!

creative or offensive?

Photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s recent Naomi Campbell shoot for the 2009 September issue of Harper’s Bazaar has raised a few questions. I personally think the images are a very strong creative work but it is open for interpretation of course! In the photoshoot, Campbell almost outruns a cheetah, seems at ease jumping ropes with monkeys and rides a crocodile and elephant like its a walk in the park! Stereotypes yes, but the work is beautifully executed by model & photographer! So what do you guys think? Is it creative or offensive?
Images - Haper's Bazaar

style is no coincidence!

Style is not a coincidence – by Tiffany Amber Nigeria! She won Designer of the year 2009/2010 @ Arise Africa Fashion Week. Loving her collection, fragile, beautiful, designs which make women of all colours glow! The collection draws on classic shapes & feminity of the western world as well as the vibrancy of Africa! You can wear this collection for years – as long as you can fit in it of course : )
8th & Fort!