New African Fashion by Helen Jennings

I am interested to read what stories are narrated about African fashion. How stereotypes have developed and where the African fashion road leads today? Has the fashion industry finally embraced African creativity? For how long and at what cost... but most of all I want to enjoy a good read and educate myself. Thanks Helen!


Chichia for Made by Africa Summer 2012

This is one designer I have always been meaning to buy. More so now than ever. Fell in love in particular with Autumn 2011/2012 collection.

This is the all new Summer 2012 collection. It's youthful & playful. Lovely mix of fabrics and maintains Chichia's style. See full collection here.


Street Etiquette

With an urban perspective! This menswear blog has been featured GQ & Arise Magazine. Best Men's Style Blog by the Guardian UK. Added to my *** sites. Founded in 2008. Meet the 20 year old bloggers here. All images - Street Etiquette.

Meet Flaviana Matata

Tanzanian goddess need I say more?!

Aj Deng

Hey peeps, long time no speak! So if by now you haven't heard of, come across in an ad, fashion show or seen Aj Deng, aka 'Ajak Deng', in various editorial features then perhaps you don't live on this planet. Or perhaps you are just not aware :)

Anyway, long story trim, she hails from Sudan, moved to Australia & now lives in the big apple. I am fond of her work and find her very striking! She seems very personable and her versatility never ceases to amaze me. She strikes me as every photographer's dream model! Follow her on twitter (but don't hound her!) @itsAjakDeng