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"You have a conversation with somebody and they say one thing and it changes the way you think about everything." Adia Trischler

Image Source : Natural Belle

love this girl

She wears her heart on her sleeve, a do-er. Truly inspires me.
Model : Flaviana Matata

Image Source : Natural Belle

Inspiration of the Day: Natural Belle

Came across this blog & I love it. Check it out, Natural Belle. I also learnt loads about how to take care of my natural fro which is growing steadily! Model - India Lane.

Image Source : Natural Belle


melody zulu

I love it when an image speaks volumes. Her eyes, open or closed from laughter. Melody Zulu

Pictures: Pure Model Management SA



While searching for a salon where I could get my hair dyed fuchsia pink in New York, I came across this lovely Hair, Body & Soul salon called GEORGIA. Then it was located on 89A East Houston Street, between Elizabeth & Bowery. 
I loved it the minute I walked in. Its sepia look captured my attention. The interior style was French, dating in the late 1870’s. It felt elegant & sexy without being over the top.  It embodied everything I expected to find in NYC, highly refreshing. I spoke with Jodie, the Co-Owner about what I was hoping to get done. She obviously recognised that we ( my boyfriend & I) were not from around or at least not NY streetwise, but she was so lovely. 
I quickly realised I couldn't get my hair done the way I had envisioned it as she explained the risks involved and that was the end of my pink hair dream. So here are some pieces that capture Georgia’s spirit and set it apart from the rest. Do some shopping too while at it... 

Now located on 223 Mott Street, between Prince & Spring, GEORGIA made a lasting impression on ME.

 All images @GeorgiaNY



Africa Fashion Week 2011 International Designer Of The Year.




View full 2012 Collection here



This season I fell in love with MAKI OH (Nigeria). Everything about her Autumn/Winter Collection 2011/2012 (and the previous collections), embodies what it is that I appreciate about fashion. Art, love & story telling. Using classical pianist, Ludovico Einaudi's song titled 'Love is a Mystery' the collection tells a story of a young vibrant woman, her lover & her voice of reason. See collection here.
Images - Maki - Oh


Gold or Silver

Both of these belong to Karen of wheredidugetthat.com! I absolutely love both pairs - gold & silver. Of course Karen wears it all well!


Models Dap & Jeneil Williams
@ Made in Africa Show


Meet Designer - FARAI SIMOYI

I love Simoyi's Desert Oasis collection recently showcased at the NYFW Spring 2012 & this is my favourite look! It's great to see this kind of growth in a designer and hope she gets the recognition she deserves. Full presentation

Picture by Dex R. Jones


African Designers @ London Fashion Week Spring 2012

Refreshing male collections @ Ubuntu International Project featuring MaXhosa Knitwear, Stiaan Louw's magic colours & Ozwald Boateng's amazing tailored pieces. ALL FOR MEN!

New York Issue - The G is out!


Nail biting stuff!

Nails& Lips you will LOVE!


MÁDE IN ÅFRICA - Arise Magazine #NYFW Spring 2012

NYFW also celebrates Africa designers and brings to light the work of some of the most talented designers in the world. The Arise Magazine show delivered a sizzling show yesterday featuring Jewel By Lisa, Kluk CGDT, Lanre Da Silva, Asibelua, Bunmi Koko, Pierre-Antoine Vettorello & Tsemaye Binitie. I must say I was looking forward to Jewel By Lisa and also had high expectations for the Kluk CGDT collection.

I wasn't disappointed at all. Below are my favourite pieces from the whole show. There were a few surprise designers whose work I wasn't familiar with. Again, would love to have these guys on this side of the world. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Proudly African indeed! Watch the show here.

All picture HauteFashion



UCOF, NYFW 2011 - David Tlale

David Tlale. Event - UCOF, Fashion for Humanitarian Causes.

Imges - 8th&Fort

UCOF, NYFW 2011 - Eric Raisina

The spectacle that is Eric Raisina creations.
Event - UCOF, Fashion for Humanitarian Causes.
Images - 8th&Fort

Fashion's Night Outs - Solange Knowels @ Lord & Taylor, NYC

Probably one of the most fun nights out for me here in NY. Soho was buzzing with ladies & gents dressed to impress everywhere. Had it not been for the Afro hair salon I was searching for, I would have totally gotten with the crowds.

Outside DASH it was insane so I just had to walk past. Later saw Solange Knowels DJ'ng at Lord & Taylor.

Images - 8th & Fort


New African Fashion by Helen Jennings

I am interested to read what stories are narrated about African fashion. How stereotypes have developed and where the African fashion road leads today? Has the fashion industry finally embraced African creativity? For how long and at what cost... but most of all I want to enjoy a good read and educate myself. Thanks Helen!


Chichia for Made by Africa Summer 2012

This is one designer I have always been meaning to buy. More so now than ever. Fell in love in particular with Autumn 2011/2012 collection.

This is the all new Summer 2012 collection. It's youthful & playful. Lovely mix of fabrics and maintains Chichia's style. See full collection here.


Street Etiquette

With an urban perspective! This menswear blog has been featured GQ & Arise Magazine. Best Men's Style Blog by the Guardian UK. Added to my *** sites. Founded in 2008. Meet the 20 year old bloggers here. All images - Street Etiquette.

Meet Flaviana Matata

Tanzanian goddess need I say more?!

Aj Deng

Hey peeps, long time no speak! So if by now you haven't heard of, come across in an ad, fashion show or seen Aj Deng, aka 'Ajak Deng', in various editorial features then perhaps you don't live on this planet. Or perhaps you are just not aware :)

Anyway, long story trim, she hails from Sudan, moved to Australia & now lives in the big apple. I am fond of her work and find her very striking! She seems very personable and her versatility never ceases to amaze me. She strikes me as every photographer's dream model! Follow her on twitter (but don't hound her!) @itsAjakDeng