New York! Thats what dreams are made of! - L.A.M.B

L.A.M.B Spring & Fall 2010 by the amazing fashionasta Gwen Stefani
Showing at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Stefani's collection featured Black, White & Asian models. A healthy mix of people we think. Ranging from maxi dresses to the African print, L.A.M.B is a definite favourite. Particulary love the 'grey, blue & orange sunset' backgrounds.

Also interesting @ the JoBurg Fashion Week - Abigail Betz & Avant

Abigail Bezts - winning soft & elegant designs

Avant - sexy blacks

Avant - sophistication and the shoulder pads are still in so!

JoBurg Fashion Week - David Tlale style

Nelson Mandela Bridge Catwalk
David Tlale turned the Nelson Mandela bridge in to a catwalk spectacular at the weekend to showcase his Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection - at the JoBurg Fashion Week. This was a spectacular collection of 92 looks, each representing a year in the life of Madiba Nelson Mandela. The most anticipated collection featured checkered fabrics & chiffon. The colours of the collection were red, black & white - this telling a story of its own.


HauTe’s Fantasy50!

Great post by Haute Fashion Africa - in anticipation of Arise Magazine Fashion Week, the HauTe Team put together a fantasy designers list from designers around the African Continent. Here is HauTe’s Fantasy50. I love it! Thank you Haute!


Designer : Gloria Wavamunno

Love the jacket, Gloria Wavamunno 2010/2011 Spring/Summer Collection. Maybe the sharp shoulders are a few seasons old but it looks like one that can last through time. I happen to have a bright yellow jacket like this and hope I can get away with wearing it for a good few more years...


Ghubar Issue N°24 - hide it, tease me

Febraury is the month of love. Ghubar Issue N°24 is out.
Am reading through Absatou Ndiaye's article 'Hide it, Tease me' & I realise I have lost all mystery that I ever had! Not sure how to regain though... hmmmm. Loving Chichia London's mix & match collection and hope to have the pleasure of featuring her collection at the next Africa Fashion Weekend Dublin. Read Ghubar here.


‘Show off your label’ - Fairtrade Fortnight tie-in activity

The Fairtrade Foundation is to launch a social-media campaign to mark its annual promotional event, Fairtrade Fortnight. You can show off Fairtrade any way you want. Take part in the bunting record attempt, hold a fashion show with your friends, or be loud and proud about how your business supports farmers and workers in developing countries.



I have been meaning to write a little something about Tolula for a while but just never had the chance to. So finally here it is. I wont pretend I know much about her but I have been following her tweets and know that she is a model and a budding actress. She has such a lovley smile and full of life. I love her fashion sense of course (see it here) and hope she does super well in her work. She is currently working on a short mockumentary and hope to hear about it upon its release.

beautiful golden long legs

take what you may from this picture. I won't spoil it with meaningless words. if our opinions of it are not the same, that's ok too.