oroma - in her own words, Vogue Italia

"My work is inspired by a vision I have for Africa and Africans. A vision of an Africa that shelters and respects individualism and for Africans, that the world's opinion of us is redirected" - Vogue Italia


Boxing Boxing Kitten!

I have a love affair with Boxing Kitten! The mixture of fabrics & colours is always bright and summery! Brighten up my January.


Pholoso Selebogo, the singing Stylist

An interesting individual. Born in South Africa, living in Belgium. I find everything about her intriguing. She has confidence of someone twice her age with twice the achievements in their life. Pholoso speaks softly but very precisely. She is intelligent and has an opinion. I love her style, it's hers. It's original and full of character, or 'organic' as Pholoso refers to it herself. She has worked with Bruno Pieters. BTW she can also sing. The 'singing stylist'. Interviewed in Vougue Italia. One to watch out for, PHOLOSO.

spotted on the i-List in i-D Magazine

The designer is Mary Katrantzou http://www.marykatrantzou.com/
I think this is so cute!

This is Mark Fast http://www.markfast.net/home


everyone is talking about... Yaya DaCosta!

A couple of months back I bumped into Yaya DaCosta, yes I said Yaya DaCosta! When I say bumbed into, I mean I had gone to see the play 'Shawshank Redemption' @ The Gaiety Theartre (Dublin) and there was Yaya accompanying the cast. I waved frantically at her, as if she was a old friend, but of course she isn't. She was polite, smiled at me and waved back. Long story short, she was more beautiful in real life, very lean & a striking presence about her. I am delighted to see her on Vogue US. Its a happy 2011 for her then!

Now I share the over shared picture too!
As featured in VOGUE US 2011: January Issue. 
Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier



I just came across my girls in this magazine. Eric Raisina's collection which was showcased at the Africa Fashion Weekend - Dublin 2010. Thanks Fashizblack Nov/Dec 2010 Issue!

fun is back in 2011

identical connection

Identical Connection: Somali born Designers - Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim. 

the quarky stylista

I always “feel like a French woman trapped in a Xhosa body”. So my style is Retro, Classic and effortless. The 1920s and 60s inspire and influence my wadrobe. Funeka Ngwevela - http://www.thequirkystylista.blogspot.com

Sudanese Wow Factor

Sudanese-born models Ataui & Ajak Deng. Photographer John-Paul Pietrus.  
Stylist Sabrina Henry. Arise Magazine