the Africans they [media] never show you.

I have had a beautiful weekend of total inspiration from the original source of all inspirations, mother Africa herself. I am inspired by the next generation of fully charged, fully knowing, fully equipped young African women & men who are living in the now and creating success for themselves.

Ignorance is bliss [not always]. It's true that the media has tended to focus on the not so positive aspects of Africa, so much that the beautiful things that are happening are furthest away from one's mind. Social Media is connecting these dots. There is an evolution happening [in Africa] that is not really spoken of.

I have always listed Africa & Fashion as my love and inspiration for this blog & all things I do, today I am also carving out the names of those Africans who don't see boundaries or limitations when striving for their dreams. I am adding those that have lived the life I dream to be comfortable living and the world around gets comfortable seeing. Names of young women, older women, of colour [or not]. I am inspired by African Fashion icons, musicians, families of all colour and I realise life is for living, it certainly isn't a rehearsal!

The next blog post will feature the Africans they never show you.... the African icons.

it's faces like these.

Images: Bonang Twitter & Arise 

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