While searching for a salon where I could get my hair dyed fuchsia pink in New York, I came across this lovely Hair, Body & Soul salon called GEORGIA. Then it was located on 89A East Houston Street, between Elizabeth & Bowery. 
I loved it the minute I walked in. Its sepia look captured my attention. The interior style was French, dating in the late 1870’s. It felt elegant & sexy without being over the top.  It embodied everything I expected to find in NYC, highly refreshing. I spoke with Jodie, the Co-Owner about what I was hoping to get done. She obviously recognised that we ( my boyfriend & I) were not from around or at least not NY streetwise, but she was so lovely. 
I quickly realised I couldn't get my hair done the way I had envisioned it as she explained the risks involved and that was the end of my pink hair dream. So here are some pieces that capture Georgia’s spirit and set it apart from the rest. Do some shopping too while at it... 

Now located on 223 Mott Street, between Prince & Spring, GEORGIA made a lasting impression on ME.

 All images @GeorgiaNY

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