kangas inspiring major fashion trends!

The bright cotton 'kangas' are what we call the 'african material' which we use for everything - from sarongs to carrying babies! If you have one you are in great luck. In 2010 the 'kanga' has had a high fashion reinvention - coming in high waisted skirts, maxi dresses, bags, hair bands plus more+ From Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton collections, these ranges will be available near you sooner than you think. Swap your safe block colours for the daring multicoloured African trends. Where to get these? - besides the usual shops, the Africa Fashion Weekend Dublin 2010 is bringing it all to you (2nd - 4th April 2010). 

We also recommend - MyAsho.com - where local fashion is made global! My Asho works closely with local markets across Africa – sourcing distinctive, one-off pieces at amazing value. These pieces are carefully hand-crafted and tailored exclusively for myasho.com. MyAsho.com MARKET PLACE!

(sources - Grazia Magazine, MyAsho.com, Africa Fashion Weekend Dublin 2010)

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