every other girl's 'must haves'...

We all have a friend or few who always oooze that wow factor! They dress well, smell nice, have an amazing skin & eat healthy (all the time)! If you don't I actually happen to have 3 of them .. including my own sister! So in my quest to smell nice, have good skin and all that, I had to ask my good friend *Bells for the secret behind all of that and the answer is 'every other girl's must haves!' So check out the things that should be found in your hand bag and or your dressing table!

1. MICHEAL KORS LEG SHINE COLLECTION - this product is great when you are wearing a skirt and do not want the bare look, its lightly scented and gives your legs a shimmery look.

2.TWEEZERMANS TWEEZER - this is a tool A-listers can't live without, so pick up one or your own favourite tweezer.

3.HIDDEN BEAUTY - FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER (FASHION FAIR) - this is unique liquid formula that transforms into a luxurious cleansing foam, gently removes makeup and surface impurities. It for all skin types.

4.JOHN FRIEDA FRIZZ EASE & SERUM FINISHNG SPRAY - this is a glossing mist, that gives hair that wet look and a high gloss shine (even for your lovely funky afro!).

5.FEMFRESH INTIMATE HYGIENE -this is a naturally balanced soap free gel for female intimate wash. It gives a long lasting freshness and protects against irritation that can be found by using soap.

 6.ELIZABETH ARDEN EIGHT HOUR CREAM - this product is an all favourite as it can be used for lips, hands, feet, all over the body! Also for symptoms of chapping, peeling, sunburn, etc.

7.BOBBI BROWN LONG WEAR GEL EYELINER - this award winnig eyeliner is a must have! Its available in various colous to suit every personality and it give long lasting eye shimmer!

8.MAC BLUSH - Absolutely love blush my favouite makeup item! I can do with mascara and blush alone. RAIZIN and PINK being my favourite colurs, so get your hands on one of your own favoutie MAC blush colour.

9.NAIL CARE- RIMMEL STRONGER -this nail care base coat is a natural colour and gives you the benefits of both strong nails and the glossy just done nail look!

10.MITCHUM ROLL ON - this is a powerful 48 hour protection. Its very gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation associated with other rollons!
 Last but not least always bag a MASCARA! Of your choice but *Bells swears by Bobbi Brown's long mascara wear

So revamp yourself & enjoy!

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